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Our Mission – Direct Funds Marketing

We help investment management businesses that have unique insight which they wish to share, to connect directly with retail investors, who want to find their own unique solution but recognise that they need a helping hand.


About Direct Funds Marketing

Investment Management businesses in Australia have tended to struggle to access the country’s vast SMSF and other retail assets due to:

  • Investors’ traditional preference for direct investments
  • The controlling influence of vertically integrated planning groups

However a number of trends are converging to disrupt this old order:

  • Australian cash, property and equities are now offering less attractive yields
  • International asset markets are becoming relatively more attractive
  • Investors are dissatisfied with planners’ fees, advice and product offerings
  • Technological innovation is creating new opportunities for digital media strategies
  • Society now connects, learns, shares and transacts in new ways
  • Astute investors are rejecting the ‘tell and sell’ approach and are looking for their own solutions

Direct Funds Marketing recognises an opportunity for funds management businesses to develop a direct retail market-entry strategy using digital techniques.

Building a targeted audience of direct investors through compelling, relevant and consistent content, influencers and marketing automation tools, leads are converted into long-term clients and electronic word-of-mouth advocates.

We are passionate about identifying and sharing ways in which investment management businesses can capitalise on these trends to connect with SMSF and other direct retail investors in order to build a sustainable funds business.

Direct Funds Marketing publishes regular blog posts that examine this strategic opportunity and analyses how targeted investment management strategies and digital media techniques can achieve this.

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